Why The Kia Soul Is Amoung the best of 2020

When it comes to high quality at a cost-effective price tag, the 2020 Kia Soul is a tough act to follow. True to its signature boxy shape and distinctive styling, the Kia Soul is both familiar and groundbreaking—a true knight in shining armour amid an otherwise unexpected year. Named one of the most affordable vehicles in 2020, find out below how the Kia Soul earned its distinction.


The 2020 Kia Soul Makes History


The 2020 Kia Soul was the only vehicle to make it onto CNET’s Best Affordable Cars list this year. Among CNET’s judging criteria were vehicles under $40,000, levels of convenience, and technological features.


The CNET team expressed its favourable outlook on the Kia Soul’s driving dynamics and unique appearance, making it one of the more practical vehicles on the existing market.


All About the 2020 Kia Soul


If you love a set of wheels that gets you to stand out on the road, CNET suggests investing in the 2020 Kia Soul. Not only does it boast a playful and stunning appearance, but it is also a comfortable SUV with plenty of space for up to five passengers and their cargo.


In its third generation, the 2020 Kia Soul’s redesign makes the vehicle appear sharper than its predecessors. With a tapered roofline and windows that feature the black Soul trim piece, the Soul is far more sophisticated than it once was. Interior styling cues are just as quirky as their exterior counterparts.


The Soul also offers two types of engines.


  • 0 L Four-Cylinder: This 147-horsepower engine has a six-speed manual and continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT).
  • 6 L Four-Cylinder: This GT-line Turbo model boasts a higher 201-horsepower engine with up to a seven-speed automatic transmission.


For drivers who live in the city, the Soul is a handy drive that makes navigating easy. Even on bumpy pavement, the Soul’s engine responds well, allowing for agile handling and steering.


You’ll Get What You Pay For


No matter where you love to drive, the 2020 Kia Soul has plenty of room for a family of five and makes for an ideal daily use vehicle. With its turbo engine, the Soul can liven up boring, around-town errands, keeping you awake behind the wheel while remaining efficient.


Its attractive price is worth what you pay for without making too many compromises and sacrifices. With that in mind, a cheaper vehicle will always come with a few downsides.


Firstly, the Soul—like its former versions—is a small vehicle. It also lacks an all-wheel drive, which isn’t ideal for families who live in areas with mostly rugged terrain and frequent snowy weather.


The GT-Line Turbo Soul with sport-tuned suspension also makes for jerky shifting, which creates a harsh sensation and can take away from overall ride quality. Despite the Soul’s supposed cons, CNET still deems the little engine that could as superior to many subcompact crossovers.




Affordable, efficient, and practical, you’ll get a bang for your buck with the 2020 Kia Soul. Altogether, it’s an enjoyable drive and one of the best all-around vehicles available on today’s market.


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