The Notable Features of the 2020 Kia Stinger

Kia made history when the Korean car manufacturer decided to create an enthusiast-grade automobile much faster than their typical lineup. Kia has been known to stock some of the finest consumer-grade vehicles that were amazing in their abilities to take people from point A to point B. However, this all changed with the Kia Stinger.


Kia dealers in British Columbia are sizing up their lineups with the latest model of the Stinger. This vehicle boasts a long wheelbase that is low enough to tackle the tightest corners and turns at speed, yet keeps its five-door build to transport passengers comfortably. While most models from this manufacturer are built with a front-wheel-drive drivetrain, the Kia Stinger features a rear-wheel-drive one for the first time.


Notable Features of the 2020 Kia Stinger


The Stinger is the ex-BMW M Division chief’s brainchild, contracted to develop a performance vehicle that could rival some cars in its class. The man behind the project is Albert Biermann, and his work has created a top-of-the-line model called the GT S that contains 365 brake-horsepower. Not only does it pack a punch with its engine, but the design and styling are reminiscent of European automobile artistry and architecture.


Some die-hard purists may never give up their European-badged vehicles, which isn’t a big deal for the Korean engineers. They make up for this with their five-year unbeatable warranty, wherein Kia service centres will help fix it up to spec each time. It might not be a hit in Europe, but East Asian and North American customers are sweeping it up because of the great value that comes with the Kia Stinger.


Aesthetics-wise, the 2020 base model will have 18-inch wheels, a black chrome trim, and GT-inspired bumpers and front grille. They also have a sun and sound package that adds a stylish sunroof for those who love experiencing natural light beaming down on their drives. You’ll also have the luxury of a wireless phone charging pad inside the cabin, which means that cables are a thing of the past.


How Does It Drive?


While the base model has an inline-four cylinder engine capable of putting out a horsepower of 255, the larger six-cylinder engine has a rating of 365. Both engines make the cars fly like darts, as pressing the throttle gives a satisfying acceleration that gets users hooked onto the pedal. Thanks to the BMW M styling, it is extremely agile and forgiving despite its lightning-quick speeds. It also boasts excellent handling for its size, and the long-wheelbase isn’t a problem for many beginner drivers to get used to after a few days of driving.


Additionally, the retrofitted eight-speed automatic gearbox has a good feel overall, and while some believe it lacks in some aspects, most are satisfied with the stock ratios. Either way, you’ll still get the satisfaction of hitting the paddle shifters and going through the gears on long stretches of roads.


It may not have the premium badge of a BMW or a Mercedes Benz, but it indeed does feel like it can throw punches, especially in terms of its value-for-money qualities. Enthusiasts will appreciate having a Kia Stinger in their garage, as the reliability is unparalleled with a warranty for Kia service that reaches five years.




The Kia Stinger is one of the most popular models rolling out of the doors of Kia dealers in British Columbia. With its sporty styling and incredible features for its price, this competitive car has shown the world what Kia is truly capable of with their vehicles. Own yours today, and you’ll never look back!


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