Why You Will Want a 2020 Kia Forte in Your Garage

For decades, the automotive industry was a consistent trade of blows between Japanese and European car manufacturers. With the big wigs like Toyota creating some of the most reliable and best value-for-money vehicles, the past seemed to have not had any other better options. The Euro brands like BMW and Mercedes were the choice for those who had more money to spend, as they have always been known to carry a luxurious status and price point.


However, times have changed nowadays. Some of the best car technicians and designers have been hired by manufacturers to boost their presence in the industry’s oversaturated markets. Even in places like Canada, people are starting to choose other brands, thanks to the knowledge that car technologies have improved over the years. With the Kia dealership in Abbotsford selling some of the top models that are extremely popular in the Korean market, the Kia Forte is a force to be reckoned with by the industry.


The 2020 Kia Forte


A country that invests heavily in technological innovation and development won’t skimp out on adding these to every aspect of life. As cars continue to become a must-have for most people, this calls for simultaneous technological advancements. Kia used to be a discussion topic that often held many negative connotations because of the reliability issues that plagued it previously.


However, today’s car market is working out well for Asian manufacturers. With the contracting of various European designers, top-tier engineering teams, and other R&D crews to create excellent vehicles, you really can’t go wrong with them. In fact, the Kia Forte of 2020 is a top pick for this year’s IIHS Top Safety rating, which is a selling point for many customers and other automotive experts in the industry.


Safety Features of the 2020 Kia Forte


Highway safety is unparalleled with the new Forte, as the added Forward Collision Avoidance Assist feature with LED headlights allows for better stopping power and visibility. It also has various diagnostic tools that link to all aspects of the car, which means that issues can be tracked and traced even while driving, giving drivers time to react. The UVO Intelligence tool has made modern Kia models ready for smartphone linking, providing quality assistance for all owners to monitor their vehicles easily.


How Reliable Is the 2020 Kia Forte?


The 2020 model is exceptional in terms of reliability, and all the previous talk about Korean cars being less desirable is no longer applicable. It has always been a fact that maintenance and servicing are much cheaper for Asian vehicles than those of American or European origin, and this still rings true nowadays. With the average consumer looking to buy a relatively inexpensive economy automobile, the Forte’s build meets all buyers’ needs.


Whether it is city driving, going out of town, or stop-start traffic, taking on daily tasks is nothing for this car. The best parts are the safety features and the semi-aggressive styling you get out of something made for the average buyer, so it is more than just an econobox.


Buying a Kia Forte


If you want the latest features and the best value you know will last, buying a brand new Kia Forte is the best way to go. While the previous models are similarly great, the improvements made each upgrade year will be lacking, which is why many opt to buy current-year models.


Canada has a wide range of vehicles available for purchase, and a 2020 Kia Forte will run for a price of $17,695 for the base model. The cost can increase when adding features to the package, but opting to get a second-hand one from a previous year can make a huge difference in pricing. Consider the options and what you want before going through with your decision, but all-in-all, you won’t go wrong with the Kia Forte.




As car technologies advance, reliability and safety continue to grow with them. Kia’s growth as an automobile manufacturer has been in good shape the past few years and has allowed them to create some of the best cars of today’s world. The Kia Forte of 2020 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to own one of Korea’s best brands in the industry, so visit your local Kia dealership today!


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